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      來美國後在Alhambra Medical University鑽研中醫學並獲得碩士學位,在讀期間多次獲得學校最高獎學金,目前是加州執照針灸師。



Jean Leung  L.A.c

Licensed Acupuncturist/Herbalist

    Jean has years of progressive experience in both Western medicine and Chinese medicine field.She got her five-year Bachelor’s degree of Western Medicine; Anaesthesiology at Guangdong  Medical College in China.She finished her two-years rotating internship and Anesthetist trainingat Affiliated hospital of GDMC.  

    After graduated, she started to work as an Anesthetist in Zhanjiang People’s Central Hospital(Top 3 hosipital in GD China).During her professional experience in China,she had a strong interest and ability in science, medicine, anatomy, physiology and neuroscience. Thereafter, Jean immigrated to US and completed her three-year Master’s degree of science in acupuncture and Oriental Medicine at Alhambra Medical University.

    With her professional study of TCM,she is well experienced in treating many difficult disease by integrative medicine such as insomnia, hypertension, diabetes, depression, paralysis, infertility, weight control and pain symptoms.

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