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What kinds of things can be helped with acupuncture?

The short answer here is: Everything!

Why is this?  Chinese medicine is a holistic medicine, which takes the whole picture of a person into account.  The goal of any treatment here is to bring a person back into balanced state.  When this happens, it affects ALL of a person, which includes any of the myriad of possible conditions they are suffering with. 
It's a simple concept which covers the complexity of symptoms and problems that may manifest simply from a person being "out of balance".

People find acupuncture to be a helpful support in keeping themselves healthy and able to come out ahead during stressful periods, or during major life changes.

How does it work?

The healing that takes place during an acupuncture session feels very natural, and can be astonishingly quick.

Often times people will say that they feel "Great" and "more normal" or "more like myself again"after acupuncture treatments, and this is why:

Acupuncture works with your body's own life energy to do the healing and make the adjustments you need to feel better. 

This is the same energy you were born with, that keeps your blood pumping and your lungs breathing for your entire life.

This energy which causes life- a.k.a. bioelectricity, Qi, or prana- runs through every cell in the body and has an innate intelligence connected with your blueprint (DNA), which knows exactly how to be healthy and perform optimally.

Acupuncture is a gentle, extremely safe and effective method of promoting healing and balance in the body. 

In fact, sometimes people report after having acupuncture, that it felt like their chronic problem "got better on its own"!

This is because acupuncture utilizes the body's natural and innate energy to direct its own healing, so the healing feels like your body did it on its own- which it did!

Using extremely fine painless needles to strategically access your body's own energy, your body-mind is signaled to return to its natural state of relaxation, rest and repair. 

In this calm state, a great deal of healing takes place naturally, during the resting period of an acupuncture session.

I use a blend of ancient and modern theory, and I tailor every treatment is to address your particular condition in that moment. 

No two treatments are the same, because each person is unique, and every circumstance is unique in time.

Does Acupuncture hurt?

Unlike needles used to give injections, acupuncture needles are extremely fine, approximately the diameter of a single human hair and are designed to enter the skin with the least resistance. For your protection, Cassandra uses only single-use, sterile, disposable needles.
Acupuncture treatments involve little or no pain, and are usually quite relaxing. You can expect to feel a light tingling, a feeling of heaviness, warmth, or numbness at the acupuncture site.
Most patients find acupuncture relaxing and soothing and some even fall asleep during treatments.  While there can be a sensation with the superficial insertion of acupuncture needles it is not described as pain.  Acupuncture needles are very fine and are inserted just underneath the skin so that with the very quick insertion they are hardly felt at all.

How should I prepare for acupuncture treatment?

It is good to have something to eat about an hour before your treatment.
Wear comfortable clothes that allow access to areas below the elbows and knees.
Keep in mind that silence is golden! Please keep your cell phones away to relax and enjoy  peace during the treatment.

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