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Regimen on Grain Rain Season

Grain Rain is the last solar term of spring. Now the temperature rises, the rainfall increases, and the humidity in the air further increases, which is very suitable for the growth of cereal crops. Grain Rain comes from the meaning of "rain gives birth to grains".

When the Grain Rain term arrived, the priority for maintaining wellness is to nourish the liver, stretching the Qi of the liver and strengthing the Yang. The liver becomes over-exuberated in this season. Typically, the mainstays of liver over-exuberance (aka liver fire) are foul breath, constipation, headache, and dizziness.

Professor Xianzhong Wu, academician of Chinese Engineering Academy points out that nourishing the liver should be the priority, a frequent massage of Taichong acupoint has an obvious effect of soothing the liver and purging fire.

Taichong (太冲)acupoint is located in the depression behind the extension line between the big toe and the second toe toward the dorsum of the instep, press and knead with the thumb pulp appropriately, find the point with the strongest pain, and then repeatedly push and knead in the direction of the big toe.




  • 通过經常按摩太衝穴,有明顯的疏肝瀉火的功效。



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